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Saint Mary of the Assumption
Rev. Fr. Craig R. Eilerman

Dear parishioners,

Is it hot enough for you? I imagine you have been asked that question more than once this past week as our temperatures soared into the 90s. You probably also heard; well it’s summer and it is supposed to be hot. Yes, it is summer but as everything this year it is not like any other summer most of us have experienced. One of the differences is that the diocese is kicking off the Bishop’s Annual Appeal this weekend. Because of the suspension of public Mass this past Spring, the BAA did not start on the first Sunday of May as it usually does and was moved to this weekend.

I am asking that you prayerfully consider making a pledge this week to the BAA. Pledge envelopes will be distributed at all the Masses this weekend. You can also pick up an envelope at the Parish office or ask that one be mailed to you. I know that some of you are still experiencing a reduction of income and if that means a smaller gift to the BAA this year, that is understandable. I ask the rest of us to support the BAA as we always have done. Our parish goal this year is $111,368.86. Those funds help to accomplish so much good, including the education of our seminarians. In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus tells the parable of the sower. Our generosity to the Bishop’s Appeal is our sowing of seed, from the gift we make will come an abundant harvest. Thank you for your generosity.

Summer is also a time for a little relaxation. To that point, I will be away from the parish from Sunday afternoon July 13 until Wednesday, July 22. Fr. Thomas Blau, OP, a Dominican priest, and Fr. Mike Nimocks, a retired priest of the Diocese of Columbus, will be covering Masses. The Monday and Wednesday Mass times, July 13 and 15 have been moved to 9:00 AM as well as the Monday, July 20th Mass.

Stay cool and as much as possible enjoy these dog days of summer. Let us continue to pray for each other.

Father Craig R. Eilerman