“The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field.”

September 2019

TMIY has been discontinued and replaced with a great Bible program that is guaranteed to help you know some of the “whys” you should be Catholic so that you can help others know, too.

You are invited to a unique, 24 session Catholic Bible program presented by Jeff Cavins, a former Protestant minister and internationally recognized Bible scholar who returned to Catholicism because of the Bible.  No other Bible study gives you, in plain language, such an understanding of the Bible and shows how thoroughly united with the Catholic faith the Bible is.

  • What:  The Bible Timeline (from Ascension Press)
  • Where:  The Spirit Center
  • When:  Saturdays Sept 21 – March 21 from 6:15am – 7:30am –  light breakfast starts at 5:45am
  • What 3 things you will need:
    • 1. A Study Guide for $37.00 that includes a helpful timeline chart (and yes, it’s well worth it).
    • 2. A Catholic Bible, preferably an RSV-CE, 2nd edition (Cavins uses it throughout the study).  If you don’t already have one, the cheapest I’ve found is a paperback on Amazon at $22.  There is also a Bible Timeline Great Adventure Bible available that can last a lifetime at $60.00 on Amazon.
    • 3. An hour or so a week to read your Bible and answer Study Guide questions.

How to sign up (you will get your Study Guide at the first meeting):  Contact any of the following:

Brian Householder: 740-438-1760

Chris Hollett:740-654-1258

Randy Miller: 740-304-1201

Link Llewellyn: 740-438-6520

OR you may register online and have your workbook sent to you directly by visiting this page – but you will pay an additional shipping cost:  https://study.ascensionpress.com/studies/40743/registrations/new  

Feel free to invite other men who might be curious about the Catholic faith or the Bible.  A lot of people are interested in the Bible but are intimidated by it.  This course solves that problem!

Hope to see you on Saturday, September 21st.  Register early so we can have your Study Guide at the first meeting. The $37 cost is payable by check or cash at your first meeting (or whenever).