March 2022 Updates

Second round of DRAFT Models!
We are in our second round of draft models which includes looking at our parishes and discerning what structural possibilities might accommodate our needs in the Diocese.  Our desire is that the discussion of these models, their strengths, weakness, challenges and alternative, will eventually enable our Diocese to better respond to the needs of evangelization in the Third Millennium.

The Key Parish Leaders have seen the second round of draft models during in-person sessions over the course of two weeks in March.  Now is your opportunity to see those models for yourself in video presentations found at

Our Timeline is flexible
In the video presentations you’ll see where we stand with 2021 Mass attendance, the numbers of parishes we have, and the number of priests we have to pastor them.  We can see from that information that we’re in an urgent need for future planning, and we want to engage the faithful in this important discussion.

It was a shock and surprise for all of us that Bishop Brennan was transferred during this important initiative.  We are flexible on our timeline, but we do need to take on this important work even without a bishop.  Still, our timeline likely would have been adjusted even if we did have a bishop.  You might recall that we originally intended to have a final round of recommendations ready for April.  With all the feedback we hope and expect to receive from this second round of draft models, even with a bishop that would have been difficult to meet.

As indicated in much of the feedback we heard from the Fall Sessions, many requested more clarity on terms and more specificity as to what all of this grouping might mean. So, our draft models are more specific than they were in the Fall. Now we will need to take extra time through the summer to receive your continued responses and better understand your needs, concerns, and hopes.

Surprises and Confusion
These models in our second round get more specific.  This second round “names names” and uses that word we once thought unimaginable – “closing.”  It’s not the belief of the team from the Diocese of Columbus who put these together that what you see in the second round of draft models are the best and final models.  Some of these are bold for the purpose of encouraging us to think about different possibilities.  Your insights and impressions are important.

So, in many ways we expect the second round of draft models to change.  All of these draft models still require a great deal of study and deliberation.

It’s important for us to receive this information and to accept where we are as a Diocese.  In many ways we need to grieve where we are as a Diocese, really where we are as the Catholic Church in the United States.  It’s not that we’re grieving the loss of a particular parish or school at this juncture because we are far from making those decisions, but we grieve the fact that we find ourselves in the position that we have to talk about this on a Diocesan-wide scale.

If you haven’t engaged in the previous chances that were available for feedback and responses, there is no better time to engage in the conversation than right now.  Please take the time to inform yourself of the background information, to understand the reasons for all of this discussion, and to give constructive feedback to the models you see on the website.

RPRF Lent 2022
Last year, the Diocese of Columbus began an annual tradition of 40 Days of Adoration. Every day for the 40 days of Lent, different parishes throughout the Diocese hosted exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration throughout the day.

Last year, 54 parishes participated.  This year, 68 parishes will host Adoration at their churches. Much has changed since last year’s 40 Days of Adoration, which makes the need for turning to Jesus Christ in prayer and Adoration more urgent.

To access the full Lenten schedule, read more here.

40 Days of Adoration
40 Days of Adoration is a diocesan campaign to venerate the Real Presence of Our Lord in our parishes throughout Lent. Each parish will sign up for a day of Adoration (usually 8-24 hours of Adoration) during Lent to expose the Blessed Sacrament and offer various Adoration and Confession-related activities. Last Lent, several people from around the Diocese made efforts to attend Adoration each of the 40 days at various parishes around the Diocese.

Reconciliation Monday 
Reconciliation Monday is a Diocesan campaign designed to increase participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the Lenten season. Traditionally, Reconciliation Monday takes place on Monday of Holy Week and provides local Catholics with nearly every parish in the Diocese as a location to attend confession. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate and be reconciled to our Lord this Lent!




Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Michael Hartge,
Moderator of the Curia
Diocese of Columbus