Total Pledges: $ 2,528,616.99
Payments Received: $ 1,279,090.94
Percentage Paid: 50.58 %

As part of the ongoing efforts of the maintenance committee, information gathering continues for the five-year projection plan of major projects around the parish and school facilities. Estimates have been received to add air condition in both school buildings. However, there is not enough electric service coming into the buildings to allow for the added pull for the air conditioning systems. Claypool Electric will be installing a data analyzer for both buildings to measure their current usage. This will help determine what additional electric service will be needed in order to install and energize the air conditioning units.

Additional projects the committee is working on include: upgrades to the school restrooms, adding handicap accessibility to and within both school buildings, and remodel of the back area of the primary building which includes entrance into the school and spirit center, parking lot and retaining wall.

As you can see from the listed capital campaign information, over 50% of the pledged amount has already been received in the first year of our five-year campaign. We are grateful for this overwhelming response! Once the church beautification project has been paid in full, the remaining pledge monies received will be used to complete the above projects.