On Wednesday, 6 November at 7 pm we will celebrate the All Souls Mass. In a unique manner, the Mass this year will be stitched together with the music of Gabriel Faure, the french composer from the late 19th century, who wrote a Requiem Mass setting for use at funerals and observances of praying for the faithful departed. Our St. Mary Adult Choir, string quartet, french horns, harp, and organ will provide this music during our Mass of remembering and prayer. Please come and pray for your loved ones departed, those of the souls departed of our parish, and all souls desiring eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. This evening also holds the distinction of commemorating in a special way, the 30th anniversary of our magnificent Austin organ. At the dedication of this pipe organ, the Faure Requiem was performed by choir and organ in a concert. We will use this same music in the context of the Mass this Wednesday. In addition to prayers for mercy and eternal rest, we offer our thanksgiving for the gifts of so many parishioners to provide St. Mary of the Assumption with such a beautiful instrument to support our singing of praise and supplication to our God.