On Wednesday, November 6th, St. Mary of the Assumption will celebrate the feast of All Souls. We often use different settings of the Mass at Sunday Masses and Funeral Masses. On this occasion, we will be hearing a specific setting of the Mass, composed by French composer, Gabriel Faure. A “setting of the Mass” refers to the ordinary parts of the Mass which we sing at every Mass – such as the Gloria, the Offertory, the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy), the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God). Many composers over the centuries have written more elaborate settings of the Mass for choirs and instruments. Many of these are often now heard on the concert stage, rather than at the Mass. This year, we will use Faure’s setting of the Requiem Mass as a special occasion in our bicentennial year to lift up this Mass in a special way. At the Feast of All Souls, we remember those faithful departed who have gone before. This year the St. Mary Adult Choir with strings, horns, harp, and organ will sing these parts of the Mass composed by Gabriel Faure and will give you an opportunity to enter into prayer and worship in a new way just this one evening. It is a sublime setting of the Mass and we hope you will be with us for this special evening.