The Historic Beautification of our Parish Church

The Fruit of the “One Faith, One Hope, One Family Capital Campaign”

The top priority of our recent capital campaign included the beautification of the interior of our historic church, including an upgrade to the restrooms, repair of water damage to the plaster walls, complete interior repainting, new lighting, renovation of the sacristies and moving the tabernacle back to a central place in the sanctuary. Also, included in the beautification plan is the creation of a memorial honoring the Dominican Sisters who taught in our schools for over one hundred years.

As this exciting beautification process unfolds in our church between January – August of 2019, we plan to post regular updates below to highlight the repairs, construction, and beautification projects underway with images and some descriptions. Please check back regularly!

Week 2 – January 13 (Images Updated 17 Jan – PM)
This week, a number of things will unfold as you’ll see from the pictures that will be posted below: terrazzo wall-covering removed to ready the walls of the nave for the wood wainscoting; removal of fabric wall-covering and repairs for future painting; removal of the hanging lanterns in the nave; removal of radiator covers in front of pews and in back of nave where statuary once stood; removal of the mural of Mary’s Assumption from the reredos. The organ case has been wrapped in protective plastic. Demo has begun in the sacristy to remove closets for the installation of a small bathroom. A picture below shows what appears to be old wallpaper on the ceiling above a closet that was removed in the sacristy. Also, workers have removed the concrete window sills (not wood!) below the stained-glass windows that sat atop the terrazzo. This will all be re-done in wood when the wainscoting is crafted and installed. We’re seeing the arrival of many of the materials that will be used to finish the construction of the scaffolding system to support the “dance floor” that will be built high up in the church to allow the crew to work on the tops of the walls and ribbed ceiling across the nave.

There reredos has been removed and transported to a wood shop for some beautification work; to construct an altar of repose beneath it; and to integrate some of the current blessed sacrament tower (which has also now been removed) into the altar of repose where the tabernacle will be placed to reserve the Blessed Sacrament. The stained-glass windows are being covered for protection and the scaffolding is being installed down the nave.

** Please join us! Sacred Architecture Series – Part II of III: Thursday, 17 January at 7 pm in the Spirit Center with William Heyer – the architect for our church’s beautification. Bill will help us understand Sacred Architecture by looking at medieval cathedrals through the 20th century and how those sacred buildings influenced our own churches today. Monastic learning, Thomas Aquinas, and medieval philosophy all had an incredible influence of our understanding of the world and what buildings mean for our experiences here on earth. This influence is still present in our understanding of how churches can be built and made more beautiful. More info ( here )

Week 1 – January 6
This week much of our Austin pipe organ, installed in 1988, with its 2,093 pipes will be removed for maintenance and storage by Peoples-Herzog. Corna-Kokosing and Martin Painting are removing pews for refinishing by Martin’s and storage in a warehouse – note the foot-traffic patterns on the wood floor. Statuary has been removed for some touch-up and storage during the beautification. The stations of the cross were removed from the wall – the revealed wall-covering shows just how much that material has soiled over the years! The Altar, pulpit and baptismal fonts are being enclosed for protection. Green marble column bases have been removed from the front corners of the nave. Old confessionals have been opened-up.

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