My name is Gordon Mott.  I am 36 years old, and a life-long resident of the West side of Columbus.  I am one of three boys.  My mother is an office manager, and my father (now passed) was a mechanic.  I am a two-time cancer survivor, and in fact am one of the first people to have survived acute lymphocytic leukemia, and one of the first seven to have survived the kind of relapse I had.  I graduated from high school (Franklin Heights) in 1999, and immediately went on to become a computer programmer.  I started my consulting business at 20, where I went on to write a piece of software used by a number of housing authorities in the US.  I am an adult convert to the faith, and am a son of St. Agnes parish on West Mound Street.   I’m a bit of a serial reader, a tinkerer/inventor, and I’ve recently started learning how to play guitar.  I’m always excited to learn new things, and meet new people, and I look forward to a richly blessed summer with all of you.