MEN!  That Man Is You! Resumes September 16th in the Spirit Center with an entirely new program, “The Unveiling of Love.”  The 13 week fall session will address the issue “What Is Love?”, which examines the uniqueness of the Catholic vision of love.  Since the program is new, it is a great time for any men who couldn’t participate last year to join us and for those men who had to drop out of last year’s program for work schedules, family issues, etc. To rejoin us for this clarification of what Jesus Christ intends human love to be.  Registration will begin after Masses the next two weekends, or you can contact the parish office for whom to call to sign up.  Any men who registered last year do not need to register, but DO need to stop by one of the registration tables the next two weekends and let us know that you will be participating this year.  We warmly invite all men to participate and take advantage of this great opportunity to improve in your discipleship with the support of your fellow men.  We are all on the road to eternity – That Man Is You! Is one good way to help us end up in the right place.  Pick up a brochure in the main or south vestibule for more information on the program.